Dental Implants

For patients who feel self-conscious about the state of their smile due to missing one or more permanent teeth, dental implants offer a reliable and affordable solution designed to help restore their oral health. Dental implants make a great choice for replacing one or more missing teeth, or to provide a base to support an oral attachment, such as a dental bridge or dentures. Implants provide improved stability, support, and comfort, making them an ideal solution for patients wanting to enjoy a renewed confidence in the health of their smiles.

Dental Implants Can Repair Your Smile

Implants act as anchors that provide a stable base for the placement of a dental crown or provide structural support for oral attachments like dentures and bridges. An implant takes the place of tooth roots badly damaged by dental decay, disease, or accident.

Usually made of titanium, dental implants are placed directly into the jaw by Dr. Williams, where over time the implant will fuse with the bone. Once an implant has fully bonded with the jawbone, it can act and function just like a natural tooth. No replacement tooth option can come closer to simulating the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth than a dental implant.

Dental implants can help patients to eat, drink, speak, and smile just like they did before they lost a tooth. Implants can help to fill out a face that appears hollow or sunken due to missing teeth. Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants cannot be removed for overnight cleaning. This makes it especially important that patients who receive an implant make brushing and flossing a top priority if they want to keep their implant healthy and functioning.

Receiving Your Dental Implant

The placement of a dental implant will usually require multiple visits to see Dr. Williams and our team at Frontier Family Dental. During every stage of the implant placement process, Dr. Williams will provide you with the support and care needed to ensure that your comfort always remains our top priority.

During the implant procedure, Dr. Williams will surgically place the implant directly into the jawbone where the missing tooth’s roots once formed. Once the area is cleaned and prepped, a special cover is then inserted into the implant to prevent any food debris or gum tissue from entering the cavity.

Your gums are carefully placed over the implant to begin the healing process. The implant will remain covered for between three to six months while it begins healing to the jawbone during a processes known as osseointegration. Osseointegration means “combines with bone” and takes time to complete. Patients need to wait until the implant completely assimilates to the jawbone before a crown can be placed.

Following the surgery, you may experience some tenderness and swelling. Dr. Williams will provide instructions on how to care for your implant during the healing process and any necessary medications needed to help manage any discomfort you may experience over the next couple of days. Dr. Williams encourages patients to eat cold foods, soft foods, and warm soup throughout the initial healing process.

During your next appointment, Dr. Williams will uncover the implant and attach an extension – referred to as a post – to the implant. The gum tissue is then given time to heal around the post. Once healed, the implant and post will serve as the foundation for your new tooth.

Finally, the time has come for the placement of your new artificial tooth. For replacement of a single tooth, Dr. Williams will fabricate a new tooth, called a dental crown.  Dr. Williams will base the crown on your previous tooth, so it will perfectly fit into your mouth and blend seamlessly into your smile.

Patients replacing more than one tooth will receive custom-made dentures or bridges made to exactly fit their implants.