Why You’ll Love Having a Family Dentist

family dentist in Powell

What is a family dentist? A family dentist is basically what it sounds like — a dentist who takes care of your whole family from the time baby’s first teeth emerge.

Frontier Family Dental offers comprehensive care from the youngest family members to the eldest. This approach to dental care isn’t just about treating teeth. It’s about nurturing relationships.


The Benefits of a Family Dentist

Choosing a family dentist in Powell means establishing a partnership in oral health care. 

Family dentistry offers:

  • Convenience: Scheduling appointments for the whole family? Easy. No need to figure out different appointment systems.
  • Continuity of care: A comprehensive understanding of the family’s dental history, aiding in better diagnosis and treatment planning. No need to transfer records every few years. More good news: Young adults are more likely to continue regular dental visits if they don’t have to find someone new at 18.
  • Building relationships: When everyone in your family goes to the same dentist, you build a stronger relationship over time. That’s tied to better health outcomes. Plus, you feel more comfortable with someone you know.
  • Modeling care for kids: Showing your kids that you go to the dentist will help them see it as a normal, relaxed and expected part of their lives. Going to the dentist becomes something you just do.
  • Catching problems that run in families: Some factors in our oral health are environmental (what you eat, your brushing habits, etc.). Some are genetic. Knowing your whole family helps us create a fuller picture.


Caring for Oral Health at Every Age

For Children: Early visits to a family dentist help build healthy habits, such as regular brushing and flossing. Dental care for children focuses on the prevention and early detection of dental issues. Family dentists help manage oral health milestones like the emergence of baby teeth and their replacement by permanent teeth.

For Teenagers: Teen years can introduce unique challenges, including possible wisdom teeth and the potential for sports-related dental injuries. We provide preventative advice, treatments and mouthguards to protect young athletes.

For Adults: As adults age, their dental needs evolve. Cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening and veneers, might be of interest. Sometimes restorative care is needed through crowns, bridges or dental implants. A family dentist who sees you regularly can also play a key role in screening for oral cancer and addressing gum disease.

For Seniors: Older adults may face specific challenges, including the need for dentures or the management of age-related dental wear and tear. Family dentists offer solutions tailored to maintain function, comfort and appearance.


Family Dentist in Powell

Family dentistry plays a pivotal health role by offering personalized care and comprehensive treatment for patients of all ages. When you choose Frontier Family Dental in Powell, you know you’ll be met with professionalism, compassion and dedication.

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